Sovereign Candles specialise in hand made stunningly beautiful statement eye catching luxury multi wick large candles.


As candle lovers we wanted larger candles with more visual impact and more wick flames - so we started making them ourselves. Our largest candles have 7 wicks.


The Sovereign multiwick luxury candle experience includes;

  •  natural soy wax

  •  natural cotton wicks

  •  suitable for vegans

  •  specially blended fragrance oils

  •  attractive quality gift box packaging

  •  FREE Parcelforce Express 48 delivery

  •  choice of labels

  •  complimentary box of matches 

  •  personal message card



Our wicks are waxed cotton and chosen specifically for our large candles to ensure an even, long, smokeless burn across the wax surface.


We highly recommend using a Candle Wick Trimmer to maintain the clean look of the wax and wick burn throughout its life. These can be purchased at checkout.

The wicks are sized to compliment the soy wax, glass bowl sizes and the fragrance blends.

Our wicks are carefully hand placed to evenly spread the wick flames across the surface and should keep burning right down to the bottom of the container.



We use a high quality SOY WAX made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils.


Our candles are suitable for vegans.


This gives all our large candles a rich, creamy, smooth appearance, consistent burn and an impressive scent throw, enhanced by the larger surface area of our wider candle bowls.

The melted wax pool will cover the top of the candle enhancing the fragrance delivery from the entire surface.

Each candle is carefully hand poured.

We consciously do not use paraffin wax, hardeners nor wax whiteners.